Training Day’s David Ayer Will Write the Scarface Remake

David AyerA remake of Al Pacino’s “Scarface”? Sounds like sacrilege. But what if you just take the basic foundation of “Scarface” (a gangster’s rise and fall) and do something new with it? Or at least, take it in a completely new direction? Yeah, I think that could work. Of course, most people will still be reminded of the 1983 Pacino film (itself a remake that basically just re-used the plot to go in an entirely new direction), but hey, that’s to be expected.

In any case, “Training Day” writer David Ayer, who has made a career out of either writing or directing gritty street crime movies (“Harsh Times” and “Street Kings” being two of his titles), has been hired to adapt “Scarface” for Universal Pictures. What are the chances that he’ll also end up directing it, too?

As expected, the remake won’t be so much a remake but from what I can gather, more of a re-imagining, in that it will take the basic premise (an outsider who rocks the establishment with his thirst for power and the American Dream through violent and bloody means) and puts a new spin on it, including new characters and situations and the like.

Of course, as good as this new “Scarface” ends up being, it’ll probably never reach the heights of the 1983 film:

Via : Deadline