Transformers 2 and 3 Sequels on the Way?

According to Digital Spy (via), the Powers That Be at Dreamworks have already given Michael Bay the go-ahead for a second and third installment in the upcoming “Transformers” franchise. Yes, that’s right, they’re going to turn it into a franchise by using that oh-so-popular spontaneous trilogy gag ala the “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Matrix”, and “Lord of the Rings” films. Tis is how DS puts it: “Meanwhile, the DreamWorks studio has given the provisional go-ahead for two more movies.” I.e. Yeah, they’re saying, “We want two sequels” now, but they could say different later, depending on the box office of “Transformers”, no doubt.

But in any case, this jives with what Megan Fox told MTV News a few weeks ago about already signing for a “Transformers” sequel.

“Transformers” opens July 4th.

Here’s a new trailer featuring Bumblebee talking: