Transformers Sequel Tops the 2009 Box Office

Everyone has their favorites and disappointments, but when all is said and done, which film topped the charts for 2009, and which didn’t? Domestically, Michael Bay’s transforming robot sequel “Revenge of the Fallen” was king with $402 million, while adding an almost equal amount in foreign grosses. Though it opened to some questions, James Cameron’s “Avatar” has become a bona fide monster, and with just a scant two weeks in release, has already made $726 million worldwide, including $476 million from overseas ticket sales alone. Meanwhile, “The Blind Side” and “The Hangover” ranks as two of the surprise hits of the year, with “Side” still to see an overseas bow.

Here are the Top 10 moneymakers of 2009 in domestic and total worldwide take.

.1 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen $402,111,870 $834,969,807
.2 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince $301,959,197 $929,359,401
.3 Up $293,004,164 $683,004,164
.4 The Twilight Saga: New Moon $282,887,000 $664,393,961
.5 The Hangover $277,322,50 $459,422,869
.6 Star Trek $257,730,019 $385,459,120
.7 Avatar $250,419,951 $726,612,776
.8 Monsters Vs. Aliens $198,351,526 $381,466,116
.9 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $196,573,705 $887,566,024
.10 The Blind Side $189,917,000 $189,917,000

Ka-boom! Bang! Pow! Just another day on a Michael Bay set.