Frank Martin to Deliver Transporter: The TV Series

Jason Statham is out of the question, of course, but that won’t stop Lagardere Entertainment and EuropaCorp from making a TV series based on the “Transporter” film franchise anyway. So you may be asking yourself: are there really that much demand for a TV version of “The Transporter”? The answer is simple: the three films have grossed $238 million dollars at the worldwide box office so far. That’s a Yes, in case you were wondering.

There are no stars or directors attached yet, but it’s been announced that the series will be shot in English, and will be sporting $4 million dollar per episode budget. Shooting on the series is expected to commence in February 2011 on location in Europe and Canada for a possible late 2011 release. Alexander Rumelin will run the show.

“The Transporter”, of course, originally starred Jason Statham as Frank Martin, a former special forces chap who does delivery for various shady individuals, usually with very poor results. You would think people would stop hiring Frank Martin to deliver goods, since he usually just ends up killing his clients in the end, but not so much. Honestly, in three movies, the guy has never made a successful delivery yet.

'Oy, then, girlie, don't be fightin' less you wanna make the Stath angry.'

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    MMMMmmmm Shu Qi. Okay now on to the article. I actually think a tv series for the franchise could work really well. I also think that it shouldn't be a continuation as things will be markedly different, but more of a reimagining or reboot like “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven” was. I mean look t “Blade the Series.” That was supposed to be a continuation but it barely stood along side the films except for showing some flashbacks from the first film. There were inconsistancies between the show and films, and well thats what needs to be avoided. But if they start fresh as if we're just getting to know Frank again, it'd be great. They need to get the guy who plays his French cop friend in the show though, or some one just as good. As for the main actor, if he could speak English I'd get the one guy from “B13″

  • Erick

    the concept would be cool done in a “Burn Notice” or “Human Target” sort of way, except we already have “Burn Notice” and “Human Target.”

  • Erick

    the concept would be cool done in a “Burn Notice” or “Human Target” sort of way, except we already have “Burn Notice” and “Human Target.”