Transporter TV Series Finds U.S. Home. So What About a Taken TV Series?


We reported on a TV version of the Jason Statham/Luc Besson action franchise “The Transporter” earlier in the year, and it looks like progress on the show is moving along nicely, with the Europe-set show having landed a U.S. counterpart. The show, which will consist of a 12-episode first season (or series, as they call it over there), will start production early next year with a total budget of $48 million, with the first episodes delivered to your airwaves sometime in early November 2011.

Who is this mysterious U.S. network? The article doesn’t say, but apparently “it’s a big one”.

Now regardless of how you feel about the “Transporter” movies, you gotta admit that the premise would definitely work as an ongling TV series. What doesn’t quite work, though, is a TV series based on another Besson movie, “Taken”. So what, they’re going to keep kidnapping the guy’s daughter every week?

In any case, while a “Taken” TV series is being talked about, nothing will really happen until “Taken 2″ gets made and opens, and the producers see if there is appetite for more young nubile lasses being “taken” by bad guys and in need of rescuing week after week. Obviously if a “Taken” TV series were to happen, they would need to tweak the formula, but it can be done. How many shows about cops chasing serial killers of the week do we already have on the airwaves? Just make the bad guys kidnappers in need of getting their butts beat in instead and you have yourself a show.

Besson and his EuropaCorp. are certainly on a roll. Besides the upcoming “Transporter” TV series, a possible “Taken” series, the CW’s “Nikita”, based on Besson’s “La Femme Nikita” property, has already been given a second season order. Of course, the leggy hot girl (below) might have something to do with it, too…

Author: Nix

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  • Doubleh55

    Well obvious Taken would work on a daily basis. You just make it like The Equalizer or something like that.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    If they do this (Transporter TV) then they should take a note from “The Crow:Stairway to heaven” and take the premise but do something just slightly different. But who could you get for tv to play Frank Martin?

  • Budomate Movie News

    Nice idea for Transporter, but they have to try hard with a lead, not sure Statham will hop on board of it.

    • Dedpool aka Jiinx

      yeah Statham definitely is too busy for TV. But hey if Luke Goss isnt doing anything other than direct to video films get him. He’s a martial artist, has the right look and intesity and it’d be great to see him as the lead and not a villain.