Triangle’s Christopher Smith Takes a Detour

I am a fan of British director Christopher Smith, who seems to get more and more interesting with each movie. At the very least, the guy certainly enjoys doing something completely different every single time out, going from straight-up chillers like “Creep” to horror-comedies like “Severance” to totally mind-screw movies like “Triangle”, then back to medieval bashers like “Black Death”.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Smith won’t be adding zombies to his oeuvre, as the filmmaker is now shopping around a new thriller called “Detour” which he plans to make as his next film.

Smith describes the film as “about how one decision can carve two entirely separate destinies”. The film, “Detour”, which Smith is currently shopping around at the European Film Market, will have a modern-day film noir feel and take place during a road trip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Knowing Smith, “Detour” will probably have some elements of a horror movie, but probably won’t be completely horror.