Trio of Intriguing Clips from Dante Lam’s Fire of Conscience

Leon Lai in Fire of Conscience (2010) Movie Image

Since director Dante Lam’s “Fire of Conscience” arrives in the US on DVD and Video On-Demand tomorrow, it seems appropriate to pimp the film a little by offering up a trio of clips from this extremely badass action flick. If you’re a fan of gritty Asian cinema, by all means, give this puppy a go. It’s a fantastically enjoyable film, and proves yet again why Dante Lam is the guy you want to keep an eye on in the coming years. Once you see “Fire of Conscience”, you’ll understand why.

Here’s what the flick is all about:

In the tradition of Hard Boiled, Infernal Affairs and Reservoir Dogs comes this hard-hitting action-thriller from director Dante Lam. Esteemed investigator Captain Manfred (Leon Lai, Bodyguards and Assassins) is at a crossroads in life when he’s assigned to the case of a lethal car accident and the death of a prostitute. Working with him is aggressive Inspector Kee, who is determined to rise in the fast-paced world of Hong Kong law enforcement. Opposites in every way, Manfred finds himself in the unexpected position of defending his partner when he’s linked to the crimes, and he’s soon swept up into a shadowy world of dirty politics, graphic murders and dangerous secrets. Co-starring Vivian Hsu and Michelle Ye, it’s a daring and explosive entry into the “Asia noirs” genre with a no-holds-barred fight to the finish that will take your breath away.

“Fire of Conscience” arrives on DVD and VOD tomorrow (October 25th). The clips, as well as the US trailer, reside below. Be sure to read James Mudge’s review by clicking right here.