Trollhunter’s Andre Ovredal Tackling Some Enormous Monsters

Enormous Comic Book Cover And apparently it won’t just be on the big screen, either. Nope. “Trollhunter” director Andre Ovredal and his producing partner Adrian Askarieh have something bigger in mind: a “transmedia adaptation” that will include not only a feature-length film, but also a TV series and “high end” web series. The whole thing will be based on the comic book “Enormous” written by Tim Daniel and drawn by Mehdi Cheggour.

In “Enormous”, humanity finds itself at the bottom of the food chain when “an ecological event creates gargantuan beasts that decimate civilization.” I hate it when that happens.

The film would follow Ellen, “a woman who tries to collect and save lost children.” I assume that’s her in the fashionably tight jeans and T-shirt shown on the cover of the comic book to your top left.

Norwegian director Andre Ovredal, of course, is coming off his hit “Trollhunter” (already scheduled for a remake, of course), which featured plenty of monsters traipsing around the woods, albeit of the troll variety. Point is, making movies about giant things is old hat to him, which makes him the perfect director for something like “Enormous”, which promises lots and lots of giant things running around trying to eat humanity.

The idea behind the movie, we’re told, will be to do something along the lines of “Cloverfield” and “The Walking Dead”, with a story that will “[focus] on strong characters and complicated relationships with the monsters as the background.”

Hopefully, they’ll also come up with a better title by the time the movie makes it to the big screen. “Enormous”? Appropriate given the premise of the comic, but it just doesn’t pop, does it?

Enormous Comic Book Cover

Via : THR