True Blood Doesn’t Suck: HBO Renews it for Season 4

HBO loves it some “True Blood”, and apparently so does Americans that can afford HBO. I suppose it’s an acquired taste thing. I’ve seen the first two episodes of the current Season 3, and it’s not an altogether bad show, though I have trouble buying that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Then again, I cringe and try to crazily stab myself in the eyes whenever I accidentally channel surf across “Glee”, too, and everyone says that show is the last best thing since sliced bread, so what do I know.

The big news out of vampireville is that HBO has already renewed “True Blood” for a fourth season, just two episodes into the current Season 3. After the premiere’s huge ratings, this is barely a surprise.

One thing I gotta give the creators of “True Blood” a lot of credit for, though, they sure know how to do the promos. This show probably has the best promo work I’ve seen from a TV show in a long time.