True Blood Season 3 Gets a Bloody Good Poster

Remember when television shows didn’t get much promotion outside of a few network spots, late-night talk show interviews, and general word-of-mouth? If you grew up in the 80’s, you probably know what I’m talking about. “True Blood”, HBO’s contribution to the bloated vampire epidemic, is getting ready to enter its third season, and as a result, the marketing team has unleashed a pretty snazzy poster to help drum up interest. My friend Nick claims the show is the bee’s knees, though I’ve yet to thoroughly investigate the series for myself. Seeing sultry Anna Paquin in the nude is certainly a draw, but it takes more than gratuitous sex to keep my interest these days. What have I become?

Season 3 of Human Body Odor’s “True Blood” premieres on June 13th at 9pm. The aforementioned promotional image has been embedded for your amusement.