Try Not to Get Turned On By the New Russian Splice Poster. Seriously.

Call me sick and demented if you require the ego boost, but the latest Russian poster for Vincenzo Natali’s upcoming genetic nightmare “Splice” has a certain uncanny sex appeal to it. If nothing else, it’s definitely an interesting marketing approach to a high-concept motion picture about a scientific experiment gone horribly awry, though I’m almost positive it will help increase awareness for this highly-anticipated summer horror flick by leaps and bounds. Who doesn’t want to see a half-naked bald woman with a long tail lying across an illuminated table? Don’t lie — you know you can’t stop looking at it.

“Splice” escapes from the lab and into darkened North American theaters on June 4th. The poster in question awaits your attention below. Try not to get caught with this thing at work, okay? Be sure to thank for the stimulation.

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