Try Not to Lose Your Head Over This Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Case


Well damn, it looks like AMC aren’t messing around with their upcoming “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Limited Edition Blu-Ray Case. Check out what you can get if you decide to spend a little extra on the third season of the cable net’s unfathomably popular zombie show. It’s something even the Governor would be proud of.

Yup, that’s right, your private little fish tank full of floating zombie heads:

THE WALKING DEAD - Season 3 - Heads Box Set

The case was designed by Todd McFarlane’s McFarlane toys well before the third season was even shot. McFarlane apparently worked the whole thing out based entirely on the scripts for the season, and produced this. The case doesn’t come with water, but it gives you the option of adding water to get that “floating head” effect. As you can see from some of the pics, the case will also have lights that you can turn on and off to really get that creepy headless zombie effect.

So how much will all this run you? No word on that yet, but you should be able to get this at your local retailers once the third season wraps. Speaking of which, the Governor and Rick collide again when “The Walking Dead” returns with the first of its final season 3 episodes this Sunday.

THE WALKING DEAD - Season 3 - Heads Box Set

THE WALKING DEAD - Season 3 - Heads Box Set

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