Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Trailer is Actually Pretty Funny

TuckerAndDaleI’ll be perfectly honest: The synopsis for “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil” didn’t really strike a chord with me, and when you stop to consider that I’m the sort of moronic drone that will laugh at just about anything, this speaks volumes. The idea definitely sounded intriguing, but for whatever reason that is still painfully unclear to me, I was very reluctant to check out the trailer. Thankfully, my hesitation was temporary. Writer/director Eli Craig appears to have taken a very simplistic idea — two rednecks who are mistaken for backwoods killers — and transformed it into something that actually looks pretty funny. Then again, my taste in cinema seems to differ greatly from majority of the movie-going public, so be sure to keep that in mind. Seriously.

Here’s the official word on the street:

Dale (Tyler Labine) and Tucker (Alan Tudyk) are checking out their newly acquired “summer home” (read: dilapidated cabin) when they save the life of a gorgeous college student (Katrina Bowden) who’s camping in the woods with some friends. When a series of misunderstandings leads to Dale and Tucker being labeled psycho killers by the vacationing students, the situation takes a sudden and ghastly turn for the worst.

Check out the trailer below. If you’re at all familiar with the horror genre, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.