TV: Cherry Jones is 24’s First Female President

FOX’s real-time action-adventure series “24” is popping its female President cherry by naming actress Cherry Jones (har har, get it?) to play its first female President in the show’s upcoming seventh season. Well, okay, FOX hasn’t confirmed it, but if the Hollywood Reporter is reporting it, it’s basically a done deal. Cherry Jones’ feature credits include “Ocean’s Twelve” and “The Village”, and she has won two Tonys, for her lead performances in “The Heiress” and “Doubt”. No doubt the creation of a fictional female President is owed to Hillary Clinton’s current run for the Oval Office in real-life. And besides, the show’s White Male presidents have all been busts, haven’t they?

So what’s in store for super secret agent Jack Bauer in Day 7?

Production of the series, the Hollywood Reporter reveals, has been delayed until next month because “a set-in-Africa storyline fell through and the producers [have gone] back to the drawing board.”

I love “24”, but at the end of Season 6 I was hoping they would throw Jack off that cliff he was standing on, or eat his gun, and leave room for a new hero. I mean, come on, have you SEEN the things Jack has been put through? This guy shouldn’t even be able to stand up straight, much less be ready to save yet another day.

Cherry Jones is 24