TV: Life Season 2 Promos

Charlie Crews, TV’s wackiest Detective and his uber hot partner Dani Reese makes their triumphant return to the sunny streets of Los Angeles to bust some heads and try to figure out who framed Charlie and sent him to prison when Life picks up its Season 2 later this year on NBC. Donal Logue joins the cast as Charlie’s new boss, while the old boss, played by Robin Weigert, gets pushed into the background. The creators of the show are saying that they’re approaching the Season 2 premiere as a “second pilot” for the show, which is weird to say, but hey, whatever works. And Life is definitely working. Look for more wacky Zen sayings, apple crunching, and Dani Reese mystery social life intriguing when Life returns to NBC September 29 later this year.

Promos from Season 2 of Life, featuring cast members Adam Arkin, Brent Sexton, Damian Lewis, Donal Logue and Sarah Shahi, below.