TV Posters and Logos for iZombie, The Flash, Agent Carter, and Gotham

Hey, fans of comic book TV shows, check out posters and logos for four upcoming TV series based on comic book properties.

Up first, Fox has unveiled your first official cast photo for “Gotham,” the Batman TV series that tells you what happened after Batman’s parents were killed. And some mob stuff:

Gotham TV Series Cast Photo

Here’s your first look at the logo for “Agent Carter,” starring Hayley Atwell as the ace secret spy, fighting spies and other assorted baddies in 1940s/50s America on ABC, joining sibling show “Agents of SHIELD”:

Agent Carter TV Series Logo

Things are looking red and blurry in the CW’s “The Flash,” starring Grant Gustin as the fastest teenager man alive.

The Flash TV Series Promo Image

And finally, here’s your first look at Rob Thomas’ latest CW TV series, “iZombie,” about a girl who is a zombie and solves crimes. I have on idea how that works, either.

iZombie TV Series Photo