TV Preview: The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale, Welcome to the Tombs

Andrew Lincoln in THE WALKING DEAD - Episode 3.16 - Welcome to the Tombs

Hard to believe, but next week brings us the season finale of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 3, titled, “Welcome to the Tombs”. Check out our preview of the upcoming episode below.

There were a few misses there (and a lot of filler, especially during the middle section), something I blame on the show’s lengthy 16-episode season. As you’ll recall, Season 1 only had 6 episodes, while Season 2 made do with 13 (and even that was stretching it a bit). But I have to admit, there were some really good episodes in Season 3, in particular the return of Morgan (however briefly, and depressingly) in Clear and the sit-down episode “Arrow on the Doorpost”. Not a whole lot of things “happened”, in either episode, but a lot of things “happened”, if you know what I mean.

As for the season finale, it certainly looks like the show is going to be dragging the Woodbury storyline well past the third season, which is a bit disappointing. Obviously I don’t know if this is going to be the case, but from the promos below, it looks like Rick (who has since relinquished his Rictatorship in last night’s episode) and the crew will be skedaddling from their prison. And as you saw in one of the sneak peeks, when the Governor and his band of merry men arrive, there are no one left at said prison.

Here’s next week’s promo, followed by two clips. What are your expectations for next week’s Season 3 finale?