TV Reminder: TNT’s Falling Skies Premieres This Sunday

There isn’t a whole lot of shows on TV right now that I would call “Must Watch TV”, but one that should definitely go on your list is TNT’s alien invasion show “Falling Skies”. It’s one heck of an ambitious enterprise, and features an excellent cast that includes Noah Wyle (of “ER” fame) and the always dependably awesome Will Patton (turning in a gritty performance as the head honcho of the human resistance). It also stars Moon Bloodgood (“Terminator: Salvation”), Jessy Schram, and Sarah Carter, with Drew Roy, Seychelle Gabriel, and Peter Shinkoda rounding out the cast. Also worth noting is “Stargate: SG1” alum Colin Cunningham, who plays the charming, lethal, and yet wholly untrustworthy John Pope, the exact opposite of Noah Wyle’s worrisome father character.

The show’s premise is pretty basic: how does the human race survive after an alien force has all but obliterated the world? Simple: we fight back. You can read our review of the show’s 2-hour pilot and some of the first few episodes here.

In short, while it has some issues (the budget isn’t always as big as it should be, so don’t expect “Battle: Los Angeles”-level special effects or alien combat here), “Falling Skies” features some really good human elements, and Noah Wyle is surprisingly very convincing as a father trying to save his sons while at the same time growing into a true leader of the human resistance.

So, what do these alien invaders like? Here’s a happy portrait of the little buggers: