TV Recap: Agents of SHIELD – 1.14 – T.A.H.I.T.I.


“Agents of SHIELD” is back. Again. I do need to get this out the way though. I know the show takes breaks because they are still filming episodes, and because of other schedules (Olympics, etc) but dammit the breaks need to stop. Okay, got that off my chest. The last episode left audiences with a cliffhanger: would Skye survive being shot by Quinn? Could the team save her? Keep reading to find out.

The Story:

The episode picks up right after the end of the last one, with Skye taken to a SHIELD trauma center after being shot by Quinn. The doctors tell the team they can only make her comfortable, and to get her family there ASAP, to which Coulson responds, “We are her family.” At this point May loses it and goes after Quinn, beating him senseless in the interrogation room. The crew is ordered to bring Quinn in for questioning, but Coulson refuses. Instead, they decide to take her to the same facility where Coulson was saved, but en route a SHIELD escort arrives in the form of Agents John Garrett (Bill Paxton) and Antoine Triplett (BJ Britt). Garrett and Coulson go way back, with Garrett also being Ward’s former commanding officer. Coulson convinces Garrett to let them try to save Skye, while Ward and Triplett get into it briefly before being told they’re now working together.


We find out that most of the information in the file about Coulson’s resurrection is false, but it does contain mention of a possible miracle drug called GH 325. (SHIELD and their secrets.) Fitz/Simmons are able to use SHIELD archives to trace a paper trail back to a hidden facility called the Guest House, and the team travel there, arriving at a secret bunker hidden at the base of a mountain. Coulson, Ward, Fitz, and Garrett head off to find something that will save Skye, while Simmons stays behind with Triplett and May. The agents come under fire once inside the bunker, and discover the place has been rigged with explosives and they only have 10 minutes to get out. Coulson and Fitz search for anything to help Skye, while Ward and Garrett use some of the Semtex to blow the door and make their escape.

Coulson, meanwhile, finds the room where he was operated on, along with the GH 325. He also discovers a door marked T.A.H.I.T.I. (Damned acronyms), and when Garrett finally finds him, Coulson seems dazed and says not to give Skye the drug. Back on the Bus, Skye’s condition has worsened, and Simmons is forced to inject GH 325 into Skye before Coulson can prevent it. The drug, as hoped, saves her. In the aftermath, the two SHIELD teams part ways, with Garrett and Triplett taking Quinn into custody. May sits down with Coulson in his office and asks why he didn’t want them to use the drug on Skye. It’s then that we get a flashback to what Coulson found back at the bunker: a tank holding the upper half of a blue figure, which is also the source of the GH 325.

The last scene is a woman walking through Death Valley, where a newlywed couple is getting directions. The woman approaches the man and asks for his help, and ends up taking off in the newlywed’s car, leaving the new bride behind. When he asks her name, the woman replies, “Lorelei.”


The Crew and Coulson:

This episode really highlighted the team’s family dynamic, and is a testament to how close they’ve become. Other than Fitz/Simmons, everyone were pretty much loners, but now they have each other. This dynamic isn’t lost on visitors, as Garrett and Triplett definitely see it, and Victoria Hand before them. Triplett seems to be a little sweet on Simmons, but at the same time I think he truly envies what the team has. We got to see Fitz in the field again (which he’s not bad at, at all), and find out exactly how far Coulson will go for his team. Even May shows some serious emotion. With the second half of the season moving into high gear, I really can’t wait to see the group come into their full strength.

The episode also sets up the last half of the season, with the “Uprising” subtitled added starting with next week’s episode and the appearance of Lady Sif from the “Thor” movies. There was only a quick mention of the Deathlok project, and Quinn did say the Clairvoyant was still trying to figure out Coulson’s resurrection. With Skye saved, the villain may now have part of the answer. The game is now truly afoot.

A preview of next week’s episode, “Yes Men”