TV Recap: Agents of SHIELD – 1.15 – Yes Men


Welcome back, true believers (Please don’t sue me Stan, it’s all love) to another “Agents of SHIELD” re-cap. It was a big episode, with the show’s first big guest-star since Colby Smulders as Maria Hill and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Of course, I’m talking about the arrival of the beautiful Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif. So lets get the ball rolling, shall we.

The Story:

Picking up directly where the last episode left off, Lorelei (Elena Satine) and her enthralled newlywed arrive at a biker bar, where she is inevitably hit on by the leader of the bikers, “Rooster.” Lorelei quickly drops the wimpy newlywed for the more testosterone driven biker and his gang. Meanwhile, Coulson has a meeting with Agent Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernandez) about the whereabouts of director Fury. Sitwell tells him that Fury is off the grid, then asks about Tahiti, to which Coulson responds, “It sucked.” Back on the bus, Skye is recuperating under the watchful eyes of Simmons, but is eager to get out of bed. Ward visits and tells her he won’t forgive Mike Peterson for not saving her. The agents are then alerted to Lorelei’s presence on Earth, and on their way to investigate, another portal opens, signalling Sif’s arrival.

MING-NA WEN, BRETT DALTON in Agents of SHIELD - 115 - Yes Men

After a brief weapons show from Fitz involving the new “night night” guns (now dubbed I.C.E.R.s), the team heads off to a biker bar where Lorelei and her gang are holed up after some armed robberies in the area. They run into some enthralled sheriffs and a gun fight ensues. Sif enters the bar and gets into a fight with the bikers, damaging the magic collar she had brought with her to cut off Lorelei’s powers in the process. As she makes her escape, Lorelei runs into Ward outside the bar, and easily puts under her control, ordering him to, “Take me somewhere grand.” He takes her to Vegas, baby!!! There, she seduces him and tells him to get her an army. Skye eventually tracks them down to their hotel room, but they’re long gone. When the team returns to the Bus, May realizes too late that Ward and Lorelei are actually on the plane.

An enthralled Fitz locks Simmons and Skye in the infirmary, and manages to trick Sif into the cage, but Coulson figures out the ruse and fools Fitz into thinking he too is enthralled. As the plane takes off, Ward opens the ceiling to the cage, sucking Sif out of the plane. While Coulson goes down to the infirmary and frees Simmons and Skye, May and Lorelei have a showdown, with May being no match for the Asgardian. Lorelei tells May that she may have been the one Ward was with, but she’s not the one he wanted. (s it me, or are they throwing some unneeded drama in here?) While May and Ward battle, Lorelei goes to retrieve Sif’s sword in the cage, but Skye had already hacked the system and let Sif back in, leading to a battle between the Asgardians. Just as Ward and May’s fight comes to a head, with Ward pointing a gun at May, Sif defeats Lorelei and breaks her spell on Ward — but not before Ward pulls the trigger. Fortunately for May, she had already unloaded the gun.


With everything wrapped up, May tells Coulson he needs to be truthful with Skye, and he counters that she and Ward need to have their own talk about their situation. May tells Ward that he was more honest with Lorelei than with himself. Coulson also tells Skye about the origins of GH 325, and that they have to keep it a secret from the rest of the crew in order to protect them. (Cause you know, keeping secrets is going so well for this team.) He also tells her that they’re going after the man who did this to them. Meanwhile, during Coulson’s speech, we discover that May was listening the whole time, and has been secretly updating someone about what Coulson knows.

The Crew & Coulson:

Well, things are really kicking into gear. The interaction between the team is a little edgy now, with secrets floating over everyone’s heads. With Skye out of the woods, everyone is returning to their normal selves — well, kinda. May realizes something is really bothering Coulson about what he saw at the Guest House, but is that because of her secret job keeping tabs on him or genuine concern for a friend? Meanwhile, Simmons is wholly consumed with GH 325’s potential as a miracle drug, and asks to send her results to SHIELD, but Coulson insists on keeping it in-house. Fitz has thrown himself into his work, and his time at the Guest House seems to have changed him a little, too. Skye is just eager to get back into things, and spoke to Ward about intensifying her training when she’s fully healed. And of course, there’s May and where she stands. I really hope she’s just working for Fury and keeping an eye on his favorite agent.

With the team back together, things will really hit full steam. Between the clairvoyant, GH 325, and who May works for, there are more than enough mysteries to go around, and the show seems to actually thrive on the cloak and dagger stuff, with some weirdness thrown in.

Until next time.

No new episode next week, instead there will be a Marvel special