TV Review: Prison Break Season 3 Premiere

Prison Break Season 3 PremiereMichael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is back in the joint, but big bro Linc (Dominic Purcell) is not, and it’s up to Linc to find a way to break Michael out. Or maybe not. It appears that Michael being held at the notorious Panamanian prison Sona was no accident, and that certain parties wish him to do something for them. I won’t tell you what, because frankly, that’s the episode’s big twist, and spoiling it would just not be very nice of me. Suffice it to say, it involves breaking out of Sona, and not by himself. And oh yeah, Mahone, T-Bag, and Bellick are all in Sona with Michael. The gang’s all back!

The Season 3 premiere is a great way to get audiences back into the series, and makes a nice jumping on point for newcomers to the Prison Break parade. We are almost completely back at square one, having come full circle, from the first season, when Michael purposefully got himself arrested and sentenced to prison — so he can re reunited with big brother Lincoln, accused of a crime he did not commit, and break them out. Michael’s plan was genius, and he spent months coming up with the perfect master plan.

Prison Break Season 3 PremiereThat isn’t the case this time. Michael has no plans to break out of Sona, and he doesn’t seem especially interested in doing so. That is, until Lincoln breaks the bad news. All I can say is: Stupid L.J. The kid is always getting into trouble.

(By the way, it does appear as if we will not be seeing Sarah Wayne Callies in season three, if the brief, fleeting image of “Sara Tancredi” that we saw in the premiere episode is any indication. Which if it turns out to be true would be really, really awful, as they seem to be making do without an actual plot to “kill” her off. I would love to know what happened with Callies and the show, because from everything I’ve heard, it just doesn’t make any sense that she would just walk off the show. Or maybe she’s only missing until she gives birth? One can only hope.)

New characters are introduced, including a man hiding in the dank (and smelly, one imagines) sewers of Sona prison. He sounds British, but he doesn’t show up long enough for me to be sure. And why does it seem like a lot of people want Michael to do something for them that involves him breaking out of Sona, a prison so notorious and filled with vile villains, that the authorities have since abandoned it and left the inmates to their own devices?

Prison Break Season 3 PremiereSpeaking of which, Sona sounds bad, but it doesn’t actually look all that bad. Or at least, it doesn’t look any worst than Fox River Prison, the set of Season 1. Either this is a failure on the part of the writers (they built up the prison to be such a wasteland of death and misery, that when we finally see the prison in operation, it’s really not all that bad to be honest with you), or FOX forced the producers to remove the darker aspects of Sona prison. Either way, while no prison is a great place to summer vacation, Sona doesn’t really look as dangerous as it did when we first glimpsed it at the end of season two.

The premiere seems like a return to basics for Prison Break, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering that I dozed off during most of Season 2 when the cast was taken out of the prison setting. Plus, the premiere should be an easy jump on point for new viewers, which is probably a smart thing to do for ratings purposes.

Final word: I liked it, but I didn’t LOVE it.