TV Review: The Walking Dead – 3.04 – The Killer Within (SPOILERS)



IronE Singleton in The Walking Dead 3.02 Sick

Oh, T-Dog, we hardly knew ye. Well that’s not true. We knew you were on the show, we just didn’t, you know, know why. Cause you were always in the background. The “black guy” in a mostly all-white cast. You had a name, and of course, it had to be different from everyone else’s. Who else but a black guy would get a name like “T-Dog”? The black guy, of course. If the show ever bothered to fill us in on your background, I must have missed it.

But, amazingly, you made it through the first season. Then the second season. And you even made it through the first batch of episodes in Season 3. Alas, that was all she wrote for you. In this episode, the one where the writers actually bothered to give you anything to do (even if all your dialogue did reeked of having been stolen from Dale), it would be your last.

So goodbye, IronE Singleton, aka T-Dog. It was nice hardly knowing ye.

Of course, if only T-Dog bit it on last night’s “The Walking Dead”, it would have been a strong enough episode, but then “The Walking Dead” had to go and double down.

Sarah Wayne Callies in The Walking Dead 3.04 The Killer Within

Bye, Lori.

Unlike T-Dog, we knew a lot about you. Perhaps too much. Who could forget that unnecessarily gratuitous sex scene in the woods with your husband’s best friend in Season 1? I think that episode, more than anything else, paved the way for Lori’s needlessly gory demise last night. Speaking of which, “The Walking Dead” has never shied away from gore, but cripes, last night’s episode (written by show producer Sang Kyu Kim) really jacked up the gruesome levels.

I guess having Lori drop the baby in the midst of a walker rampage wasn’t crazy enough, she and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) had to decide it wasn’t going to happen, and that it would either be Lori or the baby. Lori chose the baby, much to Maggie and Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) dismay. Speaking of which, the kid has really grown up this season. From tagging along and getting shot in the woods to gunning down walkers with cool efficiency. Looks like Beth (Emily Kinney) might have herself a man sooner rather than later.

My reaction to most of last night’s episode? Jaw on the floor, muttering, “Holy crap” more than once.

Chandler Riggs in The Walking Dead 3.04 The Killer Within

And then a bunch of other stuff happened over at Woodbury that is kinda boring, though the best moment from the entire Woodbury sequence was when Andrea (Laurie Holden) asked Merle (Michael Rooker) about the Governor and her (apparently formerly racist redneck) fellow survivor confirmed her suspicions, without a hint of doubt, that the Governor was indeed a “good man”, which was enough to make her want to stay. Andrea, it appears, has forgotten that Merle’s definition of what constitutes a “good man” is probably a tad different from her own.

All in all, a crazy, borderline over-the-top episode — just what you want from “The Walking Dead”. This, I think, is the real benefit of having a show on cable TV, even basic cable TV. Every episode can be counted on to have an impact, to do something important that moves the season along because of the limited number of episodes available. Network TV shows, besides being heavily constricted by censors in terms of gore, violence, and sex, has, on average, about 22 episodes to fill a season, which tends to leave a LOT of filler episodes.

So what did you think of last night’s “Killer Within” episode?

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Here’s a scene from next week’s episode. Hmm? Why is Glenn digging three graves…?

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  • Juggernaut

    R.I.P. T-Dog and good riddanceLori, to quote the great Loki of Asgard, “You mewling quim!”

  • Brent McKnight

    I’ve been wondering if T-Dog was not long for this world. It seems like they’ve been giving him more lines and screen time this season, you know, building him up. It could have been so there was an interesting, fully-fleshed out character, but really it felt like they were giving him just enough to make you care about him, just so they could kill him off as he selflessly sacrifices himself for Carol.

    Also, bye Lori, you won’t be missed. I love, love, love that they let Carl shoot her in the head. That’s a big step towards him becoming the dark, grim little dude he evolves into in the comics. So much better than a whiny little bastard.

    Also, who else thinks Carol is walker food? I do.

    • Nix

      Re: Carol. You might not be far off. I didn’t even see her in the previews for next week’s ep. And Daryl finding her do-rag would seem to indicate she’s gone missing. If they pull a Sophia on Carol, that would be kinda whack. First the daughter, THEN the mother?

      • Brent McKnight

        There’s a clip of next week’s episode that has SPOILER Glenn digging three graves. Presumably one is for T-Dog, one is for Lori, and you can’t help but think one is for Carol. It could be a red herring, and it could be that they’re just assuming the worst and that Carol is out there somewhere (like Sophia, seriously, if that’s the case, that family is just doomed), or it could be that he’s digging one for the con that let the walkers in (though I doubt they’d bury him next to friends and loved ones).

        I hope they don’t pull a Sophia on Carol. That would be bullshit. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

        • Nix

          Dude, you’re right! I didn’t even notice that. I added the clip to the article.

          • Brent McKnight

            Now that you mentioned the Sophia thing, I’m afraid they’re going to do that with Carol now. It just seems too blatant, too obvious in this clip to be true, like we’ll think she’s gone, only to have her reappear. Or maybe they just thought that Carol’s death was more clear cut that it actually is. I’m very curious now. Killing off three big-ish characters in one episode would be intense.

          • Aegon the Conqueror

            Hey thanks for adding it Nix, I know this is a long stretch, but could you do it for all the episodes? AMC vids on their website don’t work in South Africa. This is the first one I’ve seen this season.

          • Nix
          • Aegon the Conqueror

            Thanks alot man.

          • Jhonson

            I will visit :) thanks

    • Juggernaut

      Carol? Who cares really?!?!?! She is just an unattractive Lori. Lol. What I’m most interested in finding out is whether or not Carl” Stay In The House” Grimes actually offed his slutty, neglectfull, female parental unit or if we’re going to see a pant-less, C sectioned skank walker sometime in the upcoming episodes!

      • Brent McKnight

        That would be an amazing walker. Maybe the best of the series. Make Rick have to shoot her in the brain.

        • Juggernaut

          The hell with shooting her, I want it to be slow, brutal and intimate. Maybe burying a screwdriver into her dome! Man, I really hate Lori. LOL!!!
          Hopefully down the line they’ll introduce a female character who isn’t annoying and useless for Rick to hook up with.

          • Brent McKnight

            Yes, screwdriver it is!

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    I really hope Carol doesn’t die. We’ve been waiting two seasons for her and Daryl to hook up. Poor Lori gets no love from the fans, which is kinda harsh but I won’t miss her either. Carl is becoming badass which is good seeing as the first two seasons had his badassery along the same level as that whiney kid from Once Upon a Time.
    Awesome episode! I liked T-dog and will miss him.
    Also can anyone tell Michonne that people watching tv don’t like it when you have only one facial expression? I though Kristen Steward proved that to the world.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    Oh also are you guys planning to do any Game of Thrones related stuff soon?

    • Nix

      Might cover the odd trailers, stills, etc, but that might be about it.

  • Annoying As FCK

    RIP T-dog you were the man! He looked pretty sad about the whole thing in the Talking Dead after the show. Best episode of the season so far tho!

  • Lexavi80

    I didn’t see it happening, but I think Carol also died.

    That’s shitty! I don’t want Carol dead. Not yet, anyway. Not without merit.

    • Lexavi80

      I also think Carl didn’t shot his mom.

      Most likely she’ll be back in one “Holly Shit!” episode, walking with her open belly and killing a big character, making Rick lose his mind because he just can’t put Lory down.

      Or better yet, Zombie-Lory going for a piece of Rick while, in his head, he still thinks he can get his wife back. A big character puts a bullet in her head, and then Rick flips and kill the living character.

      That would be a forever turning point for the series.

  • Picallo1226

    Not my boy T-Dog! No.. I knew sooner or later they would kill off the black guy.. They always do. Oh well. At least we got the black ninja chick still alive and kicking..

    • Lexavi80

      Michonne is a cornerstone character in the comics. I was so happy at the end of season two when she came out.

      That being said, I’m still not convinced on this girl they cast for the part. Seems to be that, no matter what the situation is, she have only one face expression. Besides that, the character itself haven’t done anything yet.

      If that’s the way is going to be with her, I would have rather keep T-Dog!