TV Spot, New Trailer, and a Poster for the Chinese Actioner Let’s Go

Let's Go (2011) Movie PosterThis one looks to be an insane amount of fun. “Revenge: A Love Story” director Wong Ching-Po’s upcoming sci-fi actioner “Let’s Go” is being billed as an anime come to life, and from the looks of things, that’s an incredibly accurate description. The action is fast and frantic, and, truthfully, the film’s tiny little budget actually seems to work in its favor. The sooner this thing arrives Stateside, the better. Waiting patiently isn’t my strong suit.

Would you like to know more? Check out this synopsis:

A street-wise young man (Juno Mak) is offered a job as a bodyguard for a powerful gang boss (Wang Yu). Soon, he becomes embroiled in a violent battle against a sinister, power-hungry super-villain (Gordon Lam), forcing him to take up his destiny as a protector for all that is good. Paying homage to 1980s Japanese superhero cartoons like SPACE EMPEROR GOD SIGMA, director Wong Ching-po (REVENGE A LOVE STORY) and action director Nicky Li (INVISIBLE TARGET) combine slick stylized action with an inspiring underdog story to create a wildly entertaining superhero origin film – Hong Kong action cinema-style!

The TV spot and the new trailer are hanging out below.

Source: Film Smash