ABC’s A Taste of ABC Sunday Promo with REVENGE, ONCE UPON A TIME, and 666 PARK AVENUE

Emily VanCamp in REVENGE - Episode 1.19 - Absolution

Looks like ABC plans on cornering the market on “guilty pleasures” these Sundays, with a three-show block consisting of the second seasons of REVENGE and ONCE UPON A TIME, followed by the debut season of 666 PARK AVENUE.

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  • NathanielRichmond

    I like how ABC is making Sundays a little seductive and creepy with showing “Once Upon A Time”, “666 Park Avenue” and “Revenge”. I want to see what type desires the characters are going to have on “666 Park Avenue”. “Be careful what you wish for” seems to be the plot to this show, and I got the Hopper to ensure that I don’t miss a single episode of this new show. My DISH coworker told me that the Hopper would automatically record this show for me because it has a Primetime Anytime feature that automatically records all of my prime time shows that come on CBS, NBC, FOX and ABC everyday in HD. I can start one of my recordings from any room, pause it, and finish watching it in another room.