ALCATRAZ – Episode 1.08/1.09 – The Ames Bros./Sonny Burnett – Promos

Sarah Jones in ALCATRAZ - Episode 1.09 - Sonny Burnett

Promo images and preview clips for ALCATRAZ, episode 1.08/1.09, “The Ames Bros.”/”Sonny Burnett”.

Sonny Burnett a man with an incredible dark side who became ultra-violent during his stint at Alcatraz, returns. / Herman and Pinky Ames, who were notorious for nearly escaping in 1963, find something mysteriously amiss when they return to Alcatraz in the present day.

Starring Sarah Jones, Graham Shiels, Frank Whaley, Jorge Garcia, Wendy Crewson, Jason Butler Harner, Jonny Coyne, Theo Rossi, Robbie Ammel.

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