BONES – Episode 7.11 – The Family in the Feud – Promos

Emily Deschanel and Ryan O'Neal in BONES - Episode 7.11 - The Family in the Feud 2

Bones and Booth need a babysitter in BONES, Episode 7.11, The Family in the Feud promo video and images. Also, Ryan O’Neal returns as Booth’s dad. Remember when this guy was a killer? Yeah, now he’s watching their kids in a “sweet” family episode. Oh, BONES, you.

Another body is discovered in the woods. This time the investigation reveals the victim was part of a Hatfield-McCoy-type battle between two families. At home, Brennan’s reluctance to accept her father’s babysitting services means she must delve into her own family history to understand her feelings.

Featuring David Boreanaz, Ryan O’Neal, Emily Deschanel, William Sanderson,

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