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THE WALKING DEAD – Episode 2.08 – Nebraska – Promos

Andrew Lincoln in THE WALKING DEAD - Episode 2.08 - Nebraska

Promo images and preview clips for THE WALKING DEAD, episode 2.08, “Nebraska”.

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HELL ON WHEELS – Episode 1.10 – God of Chaos – Promos

Anson Mount in HELL ON WHEELS - Episode 1.10 - God of Chaos

Promo images and preview clips for HELL ON WHEELS, episode 1.10, “God of Chaos”.

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THE WALKING DEAD – Episode 2.07 Pretty Much Dead Already – Promo Images

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead 2.07 Pretty Much Dead Already

Oooh, boy. If you didn’t think THE WALKING DEAD’s “Pretty Much Dead” mid-season finale episode was the best THE WALKING DEAD in a while, you just aren’t fans of good TV. Here are promo images from the episode, which features quite a bit of spoilers in case you haven’t seen it yet.

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HELL ON WHEELS – Season 1 – Promos

HELL ON WHEELS Season 1 Image

I love me a good Western, so yeah, AMC’s new show HELL ON WHEELS is definitely in my, ahem, wheelhouse. I’m honestly not sure how far they can take the premise — a guy seeking revenge, but doing it along the railroads as they’re being built in the 1860s. I suppose the whole notion of the railroad being built and seeing it happen and all the blood and tears that’s shed along the way can be immensely interesting, but against the whole revenge background? That’s going to take some stretching there to last a whole series, I’d imagine. Anyways, promo images and trailer for HELL ON WHEELS Season 1, currently airing on AMC on Sundays after Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD.

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Awesome Poster for Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad TV Series Logo

Now this is awesome. Check out a new poster for AMC’s “Breaking Bad” TV show from artist Fernanzo Fro Reza (via CHUD). What else is there to say? This thing is TIGHT, as the kids would say.

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Spiffy Character Portraits for The Walking Dead Season 2

The Walking Dead TV Series Logo

Love me some zombies. If you feel the same way, you’ll get a kick out of these character portraits for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 2. Sure, the show is now Frank Darabont-less, but I still have faith. Or at least, until the show convinces me otherwise…

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Promo Images and Comic Con Extended Trailer

AMC is gearing up their hit show “The Walking Dead” for a season 2 lunch on October 16 later this year, just in time for Halloween. Okay, not quite Halloween, but close enough, right? Everyone’s back for the second year (well, the survivors of the first year, anyway) with the show picking right up after the Atlanta fiasco. Check out some gruesome pictures from the upcoming Season 2 and the Comic Con Extended Trailer below.

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Breaking Bad Season 4 Promo Images and Posters

Check out your first promo images for AMC’s critically acclaim and hit show “Breaking Bad”. Who knew meth paid so well? The Season 4 premiere episode, “El Topo”, airs July 17th, 2011.

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