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Sarah Michelle Gellar in RINGER Season 1 Promos

What’s better than one Sarah Michelle Gellar on daily TV? How about two? Well, just one, anyway. You do get twice the SMG in the pilot episode, but once one of the SMGs gets killed off, you only get one, if that makes any sense. Check out some promo images from the former Buffy’s return to TV in the CW’s RINGER, a murder mystery/drama that is unfortunately lacking in kung fu or vampires.

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SUPERNATURAL Season 6 Promo Posters

I am not the biggest fan of SUPERNATURAL Season 6. I think it was, for the most part, treading water, but it really got good towards the end. And that ending! Not exactly a cliffhanger, but man, didn’t see that one coming at all. Overall, I think I might appreciate it more in later years. Until here, here are two promo posters for the most recent season.

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Preview: The WB’s THE SECRET CIRCLE Promo Images and Trailer

Kevin Williamson, the man behind the “Scream” movie franchise and “Dawson’s Creek”, one of the very first WB hits (back when the CW was still called WB TV, that is), is back again with THE SECRET CIRCLE, a show about teenage witches in a small town. Oooh, magic and intrigue and teenage romance! Or something like that. Check out our preview of the upcoming show below.

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Three Killer Sexy Promo Images For Maggie Q.’s NIKITA

Maggie Q.’s upcoming new CW action-adventure show NIKITA is easily one of the sexiest new shows coming up in 2010, for the simple reason that it stars Maggie Q., one of the sexiest Asian woman working in the biz today. Check out three killer promo images from the show, including some preview videos in case you aren’t sold on Maggie Q. as Nikita yet.

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