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HOMELAND – Episode 1.10 – Representative Brody – Promo Images

Damien Lewis in HOMELAND - Episode 1.10 - Representative Brody - Promo Image

Promo images for HOMELAND episode 1.10, “Representative Brody”.

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HOMELAND – Episode 1.08 – Achilles Heel – Promo Images

Damien Lewis and Claire Danes in HOMELAND – Episode 1.08 – Achilles Heel – Promo Image

Promo images for HOMELAND episode 1.08, “Achilles Heel”.

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HOMELAND – Episode 1.04 – Semper Fi – Promo Images

Claire Danes in HOMELAND - Episode 1.04 - Semper Fi - Promo Image

Promo images for HOMELAND episode 1.04, “Semper Fi”, starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin, Mandy Patinkin, David Harewood, Jackson Pace, and Morgan Saylor.

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3 Seasons of True Blood in 5 Minutes

This is what three seasons of HBO’s sexy, bloody “True Blood” looks like when cut into a 5-minute montage. Basically, sexy and bloody.

Season 4 of “True Blood” premieres later this Sunday, June 26th.

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Teaser Trailer for Game of Thrones Season 2

Okay, so it’s not much, but it is HBO’s official recently released first teaser trailer for the second season of their incredibly popular “Game of Thrones” TV show. No footage to speak of, unfortunately.

Ooooh, what’s gonna happen next year? Stay tune to find out.

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Watch the First 8 Minutes of True Blood Season 4 Premiere Episode

Can’t wait for HBO’s Season 4 premiere of “True Blood” on June 26th? No worries. The cable net has put up the first 8 minutes of the show’s upcoming Season 4 premiere episode on line for you to take a gander at. Head on below to see where Sookie (Anna Paquin) has found herself in the new season.

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True Blood Season 4 Promo Images

The Season 4 premiere of HBO’s hit sexy vampire/monster show “True Blood” kicks off later this month with the episode “She’s Not There”, which we can only assume will involve lots of creature sex and blood and violence and all that other good things you people have come to love about the show. Season 4 promo images of the cast below. (I still love the fact that the heroine is named Sookie, but the male lead, a vampire, has the oh-so-generic name of “Bill”.)

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Three True Blood Season 4 Posters

One thing you can always count on about HBO’s “True Blood” — the promo stuff is going to look fantastic. I honestly don’t know who handles promotional stuff over there, but man, every single year, the “True Blood” people puts out some of the best looking posters in all of TVdom. You gotta wonder why other shows don’t promote their shows like them. Oh well. Check out three new “True Blood” Season 4 posters.

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HBO’s Game of Thrones Promo Images and Posters

By now you’re either a fan of HBO’s fantasy TV show “Game of Thrones” or you don’t care for it. I happen to like it. It’s like “Lord of the Rings”, only with less orcs. Or, er, a giant red eye trying to ruin things for everyone. It’s actually pretty great to see such an epic fantasy on TV, and here’s hoping it lasts for a while. Some promo images from the show’s first season below.

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