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FALLING SKIES Season 1 Promo Images

Promo images for the first season of TNT’s new sci-fi action show FALLING SKIES.

Plot: In FALLING SKIES, Wyle stars as a former college professor who becomes the leader of a group of soldiers and civilians struggling against an occupying alien force. Bloodgood co-stars as Anne Glass, a therapist who works with the surviving children to help them cope with the traumatic situation. The series also stars Drew Roy (Lincoln Heights) as Hal and Maxim Knight (Brothers & Sisters) as Matt, Tom’s two sons; and Seychelle Gabriel (Weeds) as Lourdes, an orphaned teenager who helps run the group’s commissary. Will Patton (Armageddon, TNT’s Into the West) plays a fierce leader of the resistance.

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RIZZOLI AND ISLES – Season 1 Promos

Based on the bestselling crime novels by Tess Gerritsen, RIZZOLI AND ISLES is a new TNT crime show that follows the partnership of Jane Rizzoli, a tough cop, and Maura Isles, the medical examiner in Boston as they solve crimes and deal with personal lives.

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