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ABC’s A Taste of ABC Sunday Promo with REVENGE, ONCE UPON A TIME, and 666 PARK AVENUE

Emily VanCamp in REVENGE - Episode 1.19 - Absolution

Looks like ABC plans on cornering the market on “guilty pleasures” these Sundays, with a three-show block consisting of the second seasons of REVENGE and ONCE UPON A TIME, followed by the debut season of 666 PARK AVENUE.

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Two New TV Spots and Promo Images for 666 PARK AVENUE

RACHAEL TAYLOR in 666 PARK AVENUE - Episode 1.01 - Pilot

ABC has released two new minute-long TV spots for their upcoming supernatural drama 666 PARK AVENUE, along with some promo images for the first episode, 1.01, “Pilot”.

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Warner Bros. Comic Con 2012 Hotel Keycard Promos for ARROW, REVOLUTION and 666 PARK AVENUTE

Comic-Con 2012 Hotel Keycards

Warner Bros. has released some promotional artwork for some of their upcoming 2012 TV shows for Comic Con, including ARROW, REVOLUTION and 666 PARK AVENUE. There will be over 40,000 of these available to Comic Con 2012 fans spread out over 38 participating hotels. Considering that Comic Con averages around what, 100,000 a year, that means your chances of getting one of these is pretty good.

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666 PARK AVENUE – Season 1 – Promos

666 PARK AVENUE - Season 1 - Cast Promo

Promo images and a first-look trailer for the new ABC supernatural show 666 PARK AVENUE. Looks sexy.

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