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ARROW – Episode 1.01 – Pilot – Promos

Stephen Amell in ARROW - Episode 1.01 - Pilot

Promo images and preview clips for ARROW, episode 1.01, “Pilot”. The pilot episode premieres October 10, 2012 on the CW network.

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New ARROW Season 1 Promo Images

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in ARROW

Four new promo images for the Season 1 of the CW’s new superhero show ARROW, featuring its star Stephen Amell.

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Warner Bros. Comic Con 2012 Hotel Keycard Promos for ARROW, REVOLUTION and 666 PARK AVENUTE

Comic-Con 2012 Hotel Keycards

Warner Bros. has released some promotional artwork for some of their upcoming 2012 TV shows for Comic Con, including ARROW, REVOLUTION and 666 PARK AVENUE. There will be over 40,000 of these available to Comic Con 2012 fans spread out over 38 participating hotels. Considering that Comic Con averages around what, 100,000 a year, that means your chances of getting one of these is pretty good.

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ARROW – Season 1 – Extended Preview Trailer and Poster

Stephen Amell in ARROW

An extended preview and a poster for the CW’s new superhero show ARROW, arriving this Fall.

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New 30-Second Trailers for ARROW and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Season 1 - Cast Promo

Following up on yesterday’s posting of two clips from the CW’s new shows ARROW and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, comes two official 30-second spots for them. Both shows make their premiere on the CW line-up in the Fall.

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The CW Logo

The CW has released preview clips from their upcoming Fall shows, including the superhero SMALLVILLE spin-off ARROW and the new version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, coincidentally starring former SMALLVILLE lead Kristen Kreuk. Well, maybe not so “coincidentally”. The CW likes to work with the same actors over and over again.

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Stephen Amell in First ARROW Promo Image

Stephen Amell in ARROW - Season 1 - Promo

Yah, I realize this is old, but I’m just getting caught up on this show on this page. So here it is, star Stephen Amell getting his first big break as the lead of his own show. A superhero show on the CW, no less. Still no word on ARROW’s fate, but all signs are pointing to the network giving it a thumbs up to go to series. It’s supposed to be a grittier TV version of the superhero show, a kind of “Bourne Identity” with arrows, or so I’ve heard.

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