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Some Choice Sexy and Dangerous Images of Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse

Dollhouse TV Series Logo

In case you’ve already forgotten, “Dollhouse” was an action-adventure show starring Eliza Dushku on the FOX network that ran for a couple of seasons before it was canceled. It was from Joss Whedon, and like all Whedon shows, had a huge cult following that didn’t necessarily translate into actual eyeballs on the tube. That’s the thing about FOX — they’re probably the only network who would put a show like “Dollhouse” on the air in the first place, but damn it if they don’t cancel it just as fast. Go figure. Here are some of the more flavorful promo shots of Dushku from the show. The show itself, like the promos, was sexy and dangerous, so I guess these are pretty appropriate.

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