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Ashley Judd’s MISSING First Season Promo Images and Preview Video

Sean Bean, Ashley Judd, Cliff Curtis, and Nick Eversman in MISSING TV Series

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A former CIA badass must summon his old skills in order to save an endangered love one. Except this time the badass is a woman, and is being played by Ashley Judd. Despite that, yeah, it’s kind of a pretty well tread premise, but hey, maybe it’ll work? In any case, Judd returns to TV with the new action-drama MISSING, which has been shooting for a while, and even released some promo images and a trailer, but have been kind of missing since. Get it? Ahem.

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TOUCH Season 1 Promo Images and First Look Preview Video

Kiefer Sutherland as Martin Bohm in TOUCH

I don’t know if I like the idea of Kiefer Sutherland running around a TV show getting his ass kicked. I mean, it’s Kiefer Sutherland! Jack Friggin Bauer! But anyways, that seems to be the case in his new Fox show TOUCH, which finds the former CTU badass playing the single father to a son who doesn’t talk, but who seems to have powers or something. The show also co-stars former UNDERCOVERS babe Gugu Mbatha-Raw, whose name makes me all giggly all over. Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Say it out loud if you don’t believe me. Anyways, first promo images and a 3-minute video preview trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

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WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE is the Disney show that made Selena Gomez famous. That’s pretty much its biggest claim to fame. Oh sure, I suppose it’s kind of an okay kids show, too, but let’s face it, the show’s big draw has been and will always be Selena Gomez, who has moved on to major star mode. Time will tell if she’ll go the way of Hannah Montana, i.e. bust out of the “kiddie star” arena into full-blown skankhood, but until then, here are some Gomez and the rest of the WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE gang from Season 2.

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Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Logo

Oh, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, why did you have to get canceled? It was probably because of the long ass title. Why couldn’t they have just gone with “Terminator”? I mean, what’s wrong with that? That’s a cool title for a TV show. Anyways, one of the show’s star was Summer Glau, late of FIREFLY, who played a killer cyborg from the future. She was, uh, future-tastic on the show. By which I mean, she can terminate me anytime. Here are some early choice promos featuring the lovely Ms. Glau. Damn, I miss this show…

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TERRA NOVA Pilot – Genesis – Series Promos

Jason O'Mara, Shelley Conn, Alana Mansour, Naomi Scott, and Landon Liboiron in TERRA NOVA - Pilot - Genesis

FOX’s big-budget TERRA NOVA TV show takes place billions of years in the past. Well, after it takes place a few dozen years in the future, it then skips to the past. You know, back when dinosaurs walked the Earth? Yeah, that far back into the past. It’s possibly the most expensive show FOX has ever done, or pretty damn close. Which means it better bring in the ratings or it’s a goner real fast. Anyways, Season 1 and pilot episode promos below.

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TERRA NOVA – Episode 1.02 – Instinct – Promo Images

Stephen Lang and Jason O'Mara in Terra Nova - Episode 1.02 - Instinct

Promo images and a sneak peek video from TERRA NOVA episode “Instinct”, in which the Shannons battle killer birds. Prehistoric, dinosaur killer birds.

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Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, and Taissa Farmiga in AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 1

Leave it to the FX Channel to think outside the box and greenlight a show like AMERICAN HORROR STORY. This thing doesn’t look like anything on TV right now, and that’ll either keep it on the air for years to come or get it canned after season 1. Either/or, it’ll get plenty of chances on the FX channel, where instant ratings aren’t nearly as important as on the main networks. Here are promos for the show’s upcoming first season.

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SUITS Season 1 Promos

The Cast of SUITS Season 1

I love SUITS. It’s easily one of my favorite shows on TV right now. And the funny part? I didn’t think I’d like it. I mean, it’s a show about lawyers. Lawyers! I usually hate shows about lawyers. Almost as much as I hate shows about doctors (unless they’re, you know, crazy like House in HOUSE). But SUITS? Great stuff. I recommend watching it if you haven’t been partaking. Here are some season 1 promos of the cast.

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There is Nothing Less Than Perfect About the Pretender’s Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker in The Pretender Promo Images

Genre fans first spotted the incredibly gorgeous Andrea Parker when she first showed up on the NBC show “The Pretender”, playing a cold as ice character named … Miss Parker. Yeah, like she wasn’t going to get that job, right? After “The Pretender” left the air, she joined the sitcom “Less Than Perfect”. Hell if you were to ask me, Andrea Parker was the only reason to watch that show. It, too, eventually got canned, but that hasn’t stopped Parker from working regularly on TVland. Her most recent stints include guest spots on “Desperate Housewives”, “Suits”, and “Pretty Little Liars”. Here are a some promos of Parker from her most two well-known shows, “The Pretender” and “Less Than Perfect”.

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Awesome Poster for Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad TV Series Logo

Now this is awesome. Check out a new poster for AMC’s “Breaking Bad” TV show from artist Fernanzo Fro Reza (via CHUD). What else is there to say? This thing is TIGHT, as the kids would say.

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David Caruso’s Horatio Caine Likes His One Liners. Like, a LOT.

CSI Miami TV Series Logo

Okay, I know this is old, but everytime I stumble across “CSI: Miami” on the tube, this is the first thing that comes to my mind. It’s even more hilarious if I happen to catch the show when it’s first starting out, before the title sequence, cause that’s when, guaranteed 100% of the time, David Caruso’s Horatio Caine shows up at a crime scene, says something, slips on his glasses, then says his one-liner. It’s hilarious, even more so now because the writers probably giggle like school girls everytime they write the line in the writer’s room. The fact that Caruso plays along is doubly hilarious. Hell, the guy probably has it in his contract!

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Julianna Margulies Lends her Sex Appeal to Two Posters for THE GOOD WIFE

The Good Wife TV Series Logo

Who knew CBS’ THE GOOD WIFE was this sexy? I don’t know if the show itself lives up to these two very sexy posters promoting the show’s latest season, but I gotta say, I’ve seen Julianna Margulies on the tube for quite some time, and I’ve never actually seen her quite like, er, this. Yeah, I might have to tune into this show at least once to see what’s going on over there…

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Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan from How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother TV Series Logo

I gotta say, I never actually go out seeking CBS’ sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, but whenever I stumble across it on the tube, it’s actually pretty funny. Not funny enough to make me put it on my DVR list, mind you, but pretty funny. Then again, it could just be that Cobie Smulders is downright smoking hot on the show. Plus, Alyson Hannigan is cute, too. Not Cobie Smulders hot, mind you, but cute enough. Promo images featuring the two ladies throughout the years below.

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Some Choice Sexy and Dangerous Images of Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse

Dollhouse TV Series Logo

In case you’ve already forgotten, “Dollhouse” was an action-adventure show starring Eliza Dushku on the FOX network that ran for a couple of seasons before it was canceled. It was from Joss Whedon, and like all Whedon shows, had a huge cult following that didn’t necessarily translate into actual eyeballs on the tube. That’s the thing about FOX — they’re probably the only network who would put a show like “Dollhouse” on the air in the first place, but damn it if they don’t cancel it just as fast. Go figure. Here are some of the more flavorful promo shots of Dushku from the show. The show itself, like the promos, was sexy and dangerous, so I guess these are pretty appropriate.

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The Ladies (and Hoff) of Baywatch Hawaii

Baywatch Hawaii TV Series Title

“Baywatch Hawaii” came about in the 10th season of the popular syndicated “Baywatch” TV show. When you think about it, it’s a no-brainer. Sure, lifeguards in Los Angeles ain’t bad, but come on, when you think hot people in swimsuit, you think Hawaii. Or is that just me? In any case, the show only lasted a couple of seasons, but man, were they good ones from a purely eye candy standpoint. Seeing a yellow version of the famous bathing suit was also a nice change of pace. Some old promos featuring the ladies and men of “Baywatch Hawaii” below.

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