Claire Forlani Lands Female Lead in ABC’s SCRUPLES

Claire Forlani in CAMELOT

Former Queen of CAMELOT Claire Forlani, who also recently had a recurring stint on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, has landed the new female lead on ABC’s SCRUPLES, based on the Judith Krantz novel from the ’80s. As I recall, Krantz used to write some pretty racy stories, so are we looking at a sexy SCRUPLES show here? Maybe a little, but probably not too sexy, since we are talking network TV here.

In Scruples, which is being executive-produced by Natalie Portman, Forlani will star as Billy Winthrop, a powerful clothing designer — the role played by Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner in the 1980 miniseries.

Boris Kodjoe, late of NBC’s UNDERCOVERS, also joins Forlani as Josh Hillman, the attorney of Billy’s late husband. Jessica McNamee will play Maggie, a celebrity journalist and Billy’s BFF.

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