David Caruso’s Horatio Caine Likes His One Liners. Like, a LOT.

CSI Miami TV Series Logo

Okay, I know this is old, but everytime I stumble across “CSI: Miami” on the tube, this is the first thing that comes to my mind. It’s even more hilarious if I happen to catch the show when it’s first starting out, before the title sequence, cause that’s when, guaranteed 100% of the time, David Caruso’s Horatio Caine shows up at a crime scene, says something, slips on his glasses, then says his one-liner. It’s hilarious, even more so now because the writers probably giggle like school girls everytime they write the line in the writer’s room. The fact that Caruso plays along is doubly hilarious. Hell, the guy probably has it in his contract!

Without further delay, here is over seven minutes of Caruso as Horatio Caine spouting an endless series of one-liners. For seven whole minutes! And this video is over four years old! Can you imagine how many more one-liners he’s already said since???

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