DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES – Episode 8.12 – What’s the Good of Being Good – Promos

Justina Machado and Eva Langoria in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - Episode 8.12 - What's the Good of Being Good

Promo images and preview clips for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, episode 8.12, “What’s the Good of Being Good”.

Bree’s life continues to spiral as her alcohol consumption rises — as does her lust for men; Lynette goes out on her first date since separating with Tom — with Renee’s hairdresser; Alejandro’s current wife suspects foul play is afoot and has a confrontation with Susan; Gaby discovers that Alejandro’s step-daughter was also abused by this wretched man; and Ben has special plans in store for Renee.

Starring Eva Longoria, Justina Machado, Daniela Bobadilla, Teri Hatcher, Vanessa Williams, and Charles Mesure.

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