GCB: GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLS – Episode 1.01 – Pilot – Promos

Cast in GCB GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLES - Episode 1.01 - Pilot

Promo images and preview clips for GCB: GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLS, episode 1.01, “Pilot”.

Amanda Vaughn, once the ultimate high school “mean girl,” is forced to return home in disgrace after her marriage ends in scandal. Reluctant but desperate, Amanda has no choice but to turn to her mother, Gigi, for help. Gigi, the quintessential proper Dallas socialite, wants nothing more than to have Amanda back and to give Amanda’s two teenage kids a good southern upbringing. She is hopeful for a new start, but soon finds it’s not that easy to escape your past in this tight knit community, and the women of Dallas are none too happy to see her back in town.

Starring Jennifer Aspen, Marisol Nichols, Annie Potts, Leslie Bibb, Colton Shires, Lauran Irion, Miriam Shor, Kristin Chenoweth, David James Elliott, Mark Deklin.

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