GRIMM – Episode 2.04 – Quill – Promos

GRIMM - Episode 2.04 - Quill

Promo images and preview clips for GRIMM, episode 2.04, “Quill”.

While investigating an accident site, Nick comes upon a bizarre and gruesome Wesen disease that is spreading quickly. A romantic day out for Monroe and Rosalee takes a dangerous turn when they encounter an infected creature that is out for blood. Meanwhile, Captain Renard gets a tip about a dangerous foreign fugitive who’s made his way to Portland.

Featuring Bree Turner, Silas Weir Mitchell, Russell Hornsby, Reggie Lee, David Giuntoli.

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  • Selina Button

    Finally, Monro-mance! I’m so excited to see this trailer just because the love between Monroe and Rosalee is actually going somewhere. I’m stuck in the library researching for a paper I have to write for school (yes, I’m surfing instead of writing) so I haven’t had a chance to see this episode. I’m gloating since I know that my Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime feature has recorded any new Grimm episodes that I’ve missed due to homework. One of my buddies I work with at Dish is always teasing me that I spend too much time watching TV, and not enough time studying. I pay him no mind, I consider myself the ultimate multi-tasker when it comes to my favorite Wesen-friendly Grimm!