HART OF DIXIE – Episode 1.10 – Hairdos & Holidays – Promos

Rachel Bilson and McKaley Miller in HART OF DIXIE - Episode 1.10 - Hairdos & Holidays

Promo images and preview clips for HART OF DIXIE, episode 1.10, “Hairdos & Holidays”.

Zoe encourages Rose to enter the annual Miss Cinnamon Cider Pageant even though Lemon’s younger sister, Magnolia Breeland , is a shoo-in to win. Of course, with Zoe coaching Rose and Lemon coaching Magnolia, rivalry takes on a whole new meaning. Meanwhile, George and Wade go on a road trip to pick up a Christmas tree for Bluebell’s town square. Also, in flashbacks, we learn some of the history of Lemon’s relationship with her mother, as well as the details of when Lemon and Lavon first realized they had a connection.

Starring Rachel Bilson, Wilson Bethel, Jaime King, Claudia Lee, McKaley Miller, and George Tucker.

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