HART OF DIXIE – Episode 1.16 – Tributes & Triangles – Promos

Scott Porter and Jaime King in HART OF DIXIE - Episode 1.16 - Tributes & Triangles

Promo images and preview clips for HART OF DIXIE, episode 1.16, “Tributes & Triangles”.

Much to Brick’s disappointment, George is named Bluebell’s Man of the Year. As the town’s mayor, Lavon is expected to host a cocktail party in George’s honor, but for obvious reasons this is a difficult situation for Lavon given his history with Lemon. Fortunately for Lavon, Zoe agrees to step in and help him with the party, but things take a turn for the disastrous when Zoe has to improvise a speech at the gathering. Meanwhile, Magnolia begs Wade to write a song and perform it with her at the party.

Featuring Jaime King, Rachel Bilson, Cress Williams, Scott Porter, Tim Matheson, Wilson Bethel, Claudia Lee.

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