No Surprise: SUPERNATURAL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Get Early Renewals

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Rachel Miner and Misha Collins in SUPERNATURAL - Episode 7.21 - Reading is Fundamental

Like the headline says, this isn’t really a surprise to me. Both SUPERNATURAL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES are high-performing shows for the network, and SUPERNATURAL in particular, now in its 7th season, has a large fanbase that would probably scream bloody murder if the show was canceled. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, currently in its third season, is also pretty popular with “the kids”, as they say.

The official renewals bring SUPERNATURAL up to 8 whopping seasons, and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES to 4. A good thing for SUPERNATURAL, which apparently ends its seventh year run with a cliffhanger in the season finale, “Survival of the Fittest” due later this month. Foreboding title, that.

Tomorrow’s SUPERNATURAL episode, “Reading is Fundamental”, finds the boys re-teaming with Cas (and yes, Meg) to discover Dick Roman’s secret. But first … they’ll have to pull Cas’s finger.

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