The Girls of GLEE Season 3 Promo Images

Glee TV Show Logo

Not the biggest fan of the GLEE show on FOX, but I hear tell you kids love this stuff, so here you go, promo images featuring some of the gals from the upcoming third season of “Glee”, the show about singing and dancing and more singing and dancing and such. The best part about the show is how they don’t even try to pretend the actors are of actual high school age, heh heh.

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CASTLE – Season 4 – Promo Images and Preview Clips

Castle TV Show Logo

The charming mystery writer and the classy, high-fashioned New York Detective returns for season 4 of CASTLE September 19, 2011. Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Kate Beckett is still alive at the beginning of Season 4, regardless of what the promo videos below are hinting at. Call it a hunch, but I doubt they’re going to kill off Stana Katic, like, EVER.

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HOUSE Season 8 Poster and Preview Clips

House TV Show Logo

Hey, look, kids, House is in prison! Well, after driving his car through Huddy’s house last season and then running off to some tropical island, I suppose this is his punishment upon coming back home. Love the fact that they’ve added Odette Annable (formerly Odette Yustman) to the cast. Or at least, for the prison segments. Check out a fresh poster and some clips from the upcoming season below. “House” returns for Season 8 October 3rd.

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Revenge First Season Promo Images and Videos

Revenge TV Show Title

First season promo images and a couple of trailers for ABC’s latest drama “Revenge”. It’s, uh, it’s got an interesting premise, but I don’t know what kind of audience it’s going to find on network TV. The whole serial nature of the show also seems like it could run out of steam pretty fast. But hey, maybe I’m wrong and it’ll run 10 years, who knows.

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PERSON OF INTEREST – Season 1 – Promos

Person of Interest TV Series Title Logo

One of my most anticipated shows of 2011 is easily CBS’ crime procedural PERSON OF INTEREST, which, if the network gives it a chance (that is, instead of yanking it too quickly) could end up being a great show. It’s certainly got a cool cast, including James Caviezel doing TV work for the first time, and that guy from “Lost” playing a slightly kooky rich guy. Promos for the upcoming Season 1 below.

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Zooey Deschanel in NEW GIRL Season 1 Promos

Honestly, I don’t know why TV networks greenlight shows like Zooey Deschanel’s NEW GIRL. I mean, it looks like a great show, it looks funny and cute and all that, but man, I don’t think this show has a chance in hell of lasting more than one season. I’m just saying, it seems too “out there” a bit for your average TV audience weaned on shitty reality TV shows and the like. Anyways, check out some Season 1 promos for the show, starring Zooey Deschanel as her cute as a button self. I love the teaser videos for this thing.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar in RINGER Season 1 Promos

What’s better than one Sarah Michelle Gellar on daily TV? How about two? Well, just one, anyway. You do get twice the SMG in the pilot episode, but once one of the SMGs gets killed off, you only get one, if that makes any sense. Check out some promo images from the former Buffy’s return to TV in the CW’s RINGER, a murder mystery/drama that is unfortunately lacking in kung fu or vampires.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Promo Images and Comic Con Extended Trailer

AMC is gearing up their hit show “The Walking Dead” for a season 2 lunch on October 16 later this year, just in time for Halloween. Okay, not quite Halloween, but close enough, right? Everyone’s back for the second year (well, the survivors of the first year, anyway) with the show picking right up after the Atlanta fiasco. Check out some gruesome pictures from the upcoming Season 2 and the Comic Con Extended Trailer below.

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ONCE UPON A TIME First Season 1 Preview Video and Images

ABC’s new fantasy show ONCE UPON A TIME has got two major things going for it — Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parilla. I hate to make it as simple as that, but that’s the truth — I’ll pretty much watch anything with these two women in it. And the fact that they’re in the same show? Awesome. Check out a ton of promo images and a First Look preview of the show’s first season.

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ABC’s New Charlie’s Angels TV Show Season 1 Promos

I’m frankly surprised it took them so long to reboot “Charlie’s Angels” on TV. After the movies did so well, you’d think they would quickly translate it into a new ongoing TV show. Took them a while, though, but it’s finally here — promo images and trailer for the lovely ladies of “Charlie’s Angels” on ABC.

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Haven Season 2 Cast Promos

Season 2 cast promos for the boys and girls of the Syfy Channel’s “Haven”. Emily Rose is one cute FBI agent FTW. The premiere episode of the second season of “Haven” airs tonight.

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The Syfy Channel’s ALPHAS Trailer and Promo Images

A slew of promo images featuring the cast and the first few episodes of the Syfy Channel’s new superhero show ALPHAS. This is actually an ensemble show, sort of like NBC’s canceled HEROES, except with lesser production values, though I think it’s pretty good.

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TNT’s New Dallas Promo Images and Trailer

Your first look at TNT’s new take on the show “Dallas”, which brings back some favorites and adds in some new blood, namely Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong. The first trailer for the show and some cast photos below.

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Supah Ninjas Season 1 Promo Images

My nephews love Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas” TV show. It’s essentially about three high school kids who moonlight as ninjas. Honest, that’s what the whole show is about. Hey, it’s a kids action show on Nick, what did you expect? Promo images from the first season after the jump.

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Damages Season 4 Promo Images and Teaser Trailers

John Goodman joins the cast of the formerly FX Channel’s “Damages” Season 4 as a sleazy as all get-out military contractor who just screams SLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE. Glenn Close returns as Patty Hewes, along with Rose Byrne, Dylan Baker, Chris Messina, and Judd Hirsch for an all-new case. Cast promo images and two teaser trailers after the jump.

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