REVENGE – Episode 1.20 – Legacy – Promos

Matthew Glave, Roger Bart and Emily VanCamp in REVENGE - Episode 1.20 - Legacy

Promo images and preview clips for REVENGE, episode 1.20, “Legacy”, the flashback episode that explains Emily Thorne’s need for revenge.

The year is 2002 in the Hamptons — Emily, who is still Amanda Clarke, is wayward and reckless until Nolan convinces her to read her father’s journals. It is then that it all starts sinking in, and Amanda starts staking out the Grayson home, identifying all the Grayson Global players her father described, and piecing together the truth. Her anger builds into determination and focus; this is where it all begins – the genesis of Amanda’s ultimate plan to bring justice to her father.

Featuring Emily VanCamp, Mark Vanselow, Roger Bart, Amy Landecker, Yancey Arias, Matthew Glave, John Billingsley, Max Martini, Madeleine Stowe, Henry Czerny, Gabriel Mann, Amber Valletta, Tara Platt.

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