ROOKIE BLUE – Episode 3.12 – Every Man – Promos


Promo images and preview clips for ROOKIE BLUE, episode 3.12, “Every Man”.

Weeks of trials and tribulations come to a head when the rookies of 15 Division are left on their own and a frenzied night in the station culminates in a prisoner pulling a gun on Chris in cells. The ensuing inquiry has Internal Affairs looking for someone to blame. With careers on the line, the rookies reflect on the personal and professional choices that have led each of them to that night’s events, walking a fine line between telling the truth and having each other’s backs. Meanwhile, Gail is still trying to recover from her harrowing abduction, Chris is blindsided by a personal revelation, and Andy learns a secret about Nick’s past.

Featuring George Tchortov, Travis Milne, David Richmond-Peck, Charlotte Sullivan, Gregory Smith, Missy Peregrym, Lyriq Bent.

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  • Kadija Cumberland

    The drama is just mounting in this episode which culminates with the shooting down in booking. I think it’s kind of funny that Nick is at the station drunk at the beginning of his shift. He even says that he was still drinking at seven a.m. I think the trouble started when the fight broke out and Peck forgot to pat down the suspect. I’ve been recording the entire season on my Hopper so building up to this episode has been pretty intense. I work at Dish so I got to test the Hopper a few months ago. McNally really made a big mistake when she took off trying to cover for Nick in the interview room which was just the next step in the beginning of a very ugly incident. Looking at this episode as a whole everyone messed up big time and there really isn’t any disputing that. Is one person more responsible than the other?