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Alona Tal to Guest Star in This Week’s SUPERNATURAL

Samantha Ferris, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Alona Tal in Supernatural

The oh so lovely Alona Tal played Jo Harvelle in a couple of seasons of SUPERNATURAL before she was unceremoniously killed along with her mother in true, gritty SUPERNATURAL fashion — literally blown up battling hell hounds, if you can believe it. Well if you’re a fan of show, you probably already know that Tal will be guest starring as Jo once again — as some kind of spirit/ghost/apparition or some such, though judging from the trailer it’s a pretty big part, and not one of those blind-and-you’ll-miss roles. Glad to see Tal back, even if it’s just for a one-shot appearance. Wish they’d bring her back for good, though, the show is seriously lacking that hot blonde element…

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