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Alicia Silverstone Gave TV a Shot in MISS MATCH

Alicia Silverstone in MISS MATCH TV Series Promo

Back in 2003, movie star Alicia Silverstone gave TV a shot with her very own romantic sitcom MISS MATCH. The show starred Silverstone as a Los Angeles matrimonial attorney who doubles as a high-end matchmaker. The catch, of course, is that her own love life is a mess. Yeah, saw that coming, didn’t ya? Anyways, it didn’t exactly work out, as the show only lasted one season. Besides Silverstone, MISS MATCH also co-starred Lake Bell, who, let’s face it, hasn’t had a whole lot of luck with TV shows. She’s been in a TON of canceled shows, and like Silverstone, seems to have more luck on the big screen. Too bad, because the sight of two lovely lasses like Silverstone and Bell on the same TV screen on a weekly basis was nothing to sneeze at. First (and only) season promos for MISS MATCH below.

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