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BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 2 Promo Images

Steve Buscemi in BOARDWALK EMPIRE Season 2

Who knew a show starring Steve Buscemi as a mob boss would work? Well it did. Buscemi stars as Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson. Yes, his name is Nucky. Hey, it’s a period show. People back then were a lot more lenient when it came to nicknames, I guess. Nowadays Nucky would never have survived elementary school, much less grow up to become a fearsome gangster. HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE is currently in its second season, and here are some promo images from the show so far.

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Preview Trailer for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Steve Buscemi as a tough guy mobster who kills people for profit and grabs some prostitute lovin’ whenever he feels like it? More, please! Check out a preview trailer for HBO’s new period gangster show, “Boardwalk Empire”. If it’s anything like HBO’s “Deadwood” or “Rome”, then this thing’s got major potential. Hey, having Martin Scorsese direct your pilot and stay on as a producer doesn’t hurt, either; I believe he knows a little bit about the mob life.

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