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ONCE UPON A TIME – Episode 1.08 – Desperate Souls – Promos

Beverley Elliott, Ginnifer Goodwin, Meghan Ory, Raphael Sbarge, Jennifer Morrison, and Jared Gilmore in ONCE UPON A  TIME - Episode 1.08 - Desperate Souls

Promo images and preview trailer and clips for ONCE UPON A TIME, episode 1.08, “Desperate Souls”.

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ONCE UPON A TIME Season 1 Character Promos

Man, “Once Upon a Time’s” got one hell of a great cast, and the premise ain’t bad, either. Too bad it’s not going to last past the first season. I’d be shocked if it did, but I just don’t see this type of show capturing the majority of TV watchers’ imaginations, which is odd to say given the show’s very imaginative premise. And you need lots and lots of eyeballs on primetime TV to keep going. It might end up becoming a cult hit, though. Hey, I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

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ONCE UPON A TIME First Season 1 Preview Video and Images

ABC’s new fantasy show ONCE UPON A TIME has got two major things going for it — Jennifer Morrison and Lana Parilla. I hate to make it as simple as that, but that’s the truth — I’ll pretty much watch anything with these two women in it. And the fact that they’re in the same show? Awesome. Check out a ton of promo images and a First Look preview of the show’s first season.

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