THE L.A. COMPLEX – Season 1/Episode 1.01 – Down in L.A. – Promos

Cassie Steele in THE L.A. COMPLEX - Episode 1.01 - Down in L.A.

Promo images and preview clips for THE L.A. COMPLEX, episode 1.01, “Down in L.A.”.

Broke and desperate, aspiring actress Abby finds a place to crash at “The Lux” Motel in L.A. Here, she meets a group of like-minded displaced dreamers; Raquel, a former teen star who needs another chance, Alicia, a tenacious dancer who gets so close in every audition, Tariq, an intern/go-fer trying to get noticed in the competitive hip-hop world, Nick, a struggling comedian who has no luck with women and Connor, the strikingly handsome Australian actor who has just landed a series.

Featuring Joe Dinicol, Benjamin Charles Watson, Chelan Simmons, Jewel Staite, Cassie Steele, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Andra Fuller.

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